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Are you looking for ways to ease chronic pain, calm anxiety, or heal complex trauma?

Look to your felt sense to self heal. Chronic pain is an emotional signal from your body.

Let SomaSensing™ guide you to  connect with your felt sense in ways that can nurture  your nervous system. In SomaSensing you learn to connect to Fascia as your felt sense. Regulating your nervous system through your body.

SomaSensing™ is an intuitive somatic approach that helps you to attune to your body in a way that takes care of you.  Helping you to interrupt habitual patterns of disruption. So you can expand your capacity to cope when life throws you off centre. By guiding you to embody life differently. Through intuitive movement, being in nature and connecting to life with curiosity, from moment to moment. 

Learn to befriend your body.

With mood enhancing, self-nourishing intuitive movements. Helping you to sense your state with compassion. Without getting stuck in the overwhelm of your story.

Experience how: 

  • Shifting your body can shift your mood
  • Mindfully tuning in to simple soothing body practices can release long-held tension, strain and stiffness
  • Calming your nervous system can ease chronic pain
  • 5 or 10 minutes throughout your day of mindful awareness can create a habit of calm
  • You don't have to meditate by keeping your body still
  • Loud sounds can be soothing

You can even practice anywhere, anytime and in any moment

Experience The Calm Response™

An intuitive somatic practice that shifts your mood in seconds, triggering your body’s very own healing response.

To get real and long-lasting benefits you need to make a habit of it - this 28-day SomaSensing guide will help you get started.

Whether you are on your own healing journey or helping others with theirs, learn somatic practices that are easy to integrate into everyday life. 

Don't just take my word for it...


Learn to sense calm as a felt sense and you will learn to:

  • Become aware and awake to your life as it happens 
  • Face discomfort with compassion and curiosity
  • Self-adjust and self regulate when life is uncertain
  • Find connection when life throws you off centre
  • Find clarity from uncertainty
  • Find a sense of purpose from connection

Your body hears

Hey... I'm Yasmin Lambat, A Registered Somatic Educator, trauma therapist and founder of SomaSensing.

SomaSensing is how I describe our connection with intuition. Our inner knowing. Letting that guide us.

Did you know that your body tenses up when it hears the slightest feeling of anticipation?  So subtle that your mind won't notice it.   

Until one day you wake up with either joint pain, gut issues, fybromyalgia, chronic fatigue, back pain, frozen shoulder, heart palpitations  or an autoimmune condition. Clues of fascia under strain and a nervous system out of rhythm. 

That's what happened to me. I had been in faux tolerance. A false state of wellbeing.

SomaSensing is how tuning into fascia as my felt sense guided me to self regulate.  Finding movements to nurture my nervous system. That's because fascia and the nervous system are intimately connected. Fascia is the fabric that shapes you.

Joining me on this course is Antoinette Kavanagh, A SomaSensing therapist who has a similar story of  faux tolerance and  to mine.

We share our approach to retuning the inner rhythm of the body. 

Whilst this is not a quick fix and does not replace in person therapy. This 4-week course will get you started on your journey to self regulation. Offering you a chance to embody life differently.

What if your body is the last place you want to be?

This course requires a level of capacity for self-care. If you are curious to explore that then you should be fine. This practice offers a gentle way to reconnect with your body.

Get started

Here's what you get:


4 modules over 4 weeks.

Each week you will receive a new module plus somatic practices to integrate.

Module 1

What is SomaSensing?

Module 2

How your nervous system shapes you

Module 3

How to make friends with your state

Module 4

How to shift your state through your body

4 hours split into bite size sessions



Connect to yourself

with  over 12 SomaSensing somatic practices.

Connect with others

and join the private and exclusive 'Chaos to Calm' community


Integrating science and somatic practice.